Penn Woods gallery...

The initial Guidelines/Objective:

'To play in the woods with the objective of fostering an attitude of exploration and adventure, new ways of seeing and using what already exists. To use natural, found, materials to create work which would encourage people using the woods to get interested, excited and involved

The Proposal: Tree Shadows - Site-Specific Work

The selected site was rich in white flints and conveniently located near to a footpath and viewpoint, inviting public involvement. Artistic influences were 'land and environmental artists' such as Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long. However, real inspiration came from fairytales, which are often set in woods: in particular Hansel and Gretel with its white stones which gleamed in the moonlight.

The Project initiated

Although this was a one-day project, the intention was that it would continue to grow over time as people added their contribution. Perceptions around the work have varied; from tree roots and shadows to rivers and streams. In the end the interpretation is less important than the engagement - and in any event it all began with a fairytale and a few stones. Perhaps it could all be summed up in a quote by Robert Bresson from the book Walking in this World by Julia Cameron, "Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen."