Magnify Multiply - drawings from the exhibition

We exist as a multitude of cells – contained within a 'cell'.

Referencing a hidden but important world within, my work examines organic growth and the function and nature of an unseen but vital life force, with its astonishing diversity yet wonderful orderliness. It connects with the life cycle, the cyclical nature of continual change and adaptation, ideas of growth, form and reform, ebb and flow and our inbuilt response to invasion in the body.

Without attempting to replicate biological exactness, sharpened focus is on the immune system. Functioning in a battle-zone, defending, protecting, cleaning, devouring and attacking invaders; phagocytes, leukocytes and vigilant killer T-cells relentlessly seek out and destroy mutinous cells. Spread and reversal, renewal and recovery suggest a positive outcome.

In summing up, my work connects to the physical and biological but with a spiritual dimension of hope, recovery and healing.

'In living we die, in dying we live.' Ted Dekker, 2005

Magnify Multiply is at London Print Studio and Buckinghamshire New University, December 2011.
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